AuthorsJ. Markussen, L. B. Kristiansen, H. K. Stensland, F. Seifert, C. Griwodz and P. Halvorsen
TitleFlexible Device Sharing in PCIe Clusters using Device Lending
AfilliationCommunication Systems
Project(s)Unified PCIe IO: Unified PCI Express for Distributed Component Virtualization, LADIO: Live Action Data Input/Output
Publication TypeProceedings, refereed
Year of Publication2018
Conference NameInternational Conference on Parallel Processing Companion (ICPP'18 Comp)
Date Published08/2018
ISBN Number978-1-4503-6523-9/18/08

Processing workloads may have very high IO demands, exceeding the capabilities provided by resource virtualization and requiring direct access to the physical hardware. For computers that are interconnected in PCI Express (PCIe) networks, we have previously proposed Device Lending as a solution for assigning devices to remote hosts. In this paper, we explain how we have extended our implementation with support for the Linux Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) hypervisor. Using our extended Device Lending, it becomes possible to dynamically “pass through” physical remote devices to VM guests while still retaining the flexibility of virtualization, something that previously required extensive facilitation in both hypervisor and device drivers in the form of paravirtualization.

We have also improved our original implementation with sup- port for interoperability between remote devices. We show that it is possible to use multiple devices residing in different hosts, while still achieving the same bandwidth and latency as native PCIe, and without requiring any additional support in device drivers.

Citation Key25990

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