AuthorsK. Khosrovian, D. Pfahl and V. Garousi
TitleGENSIM 2.0: a Customizable Process Simulation Model for Software Process Evaluation
AfilliationSoftware Engineering
Project(s)No Simula project
Publication TypeTechnical reports
Year of Publication2008
PublisherUniversity of Calgary and Simula Research Laboratory

Software process analysis and improvement relies heavily on empirical research. Empirical research requires measurement, experimentation, and modeling. However, whatever evidence is gained via empirical research is strongly context dependent. Thus, it is hard to combine results and capitalize upon them in order to improve software development processes in evolving development environments. The process simulation model GENSIM 2.0 addresses the challenge mentioned above. Compared to existing process simulation models in the literature, the novelty of GENSIM 2.0 is twofold: (1) Model structure is customizable to organization-specific processes. This is achieved by using a limited set of generic structures (macro-patterns). (2) Model parameters can be easily calibrated to available empirical data and ex-pert knowledge. This is achieved by making the internal model structures explicit and by providing guidance on how to calibrate model parameters. This technical report explains the overall structure of GENSIM 2.0, its internal mechanisms, and its parameters.

Citation KeySimula.SE.237