AuthorsS. Gjessing
TitleImplementation of Two Resilience Mechanisms Using Multi Topology Routing and Stub Routers
AfilliationNetworks, Communication Systems
Publication TypeProceedings, refereed
Year of Publication2006
Conference NameAdvanced Internationl Confernece on Telecommunications (AICT'06)
Date PublishedFebruary
PublisherIEEE Computer Scociety Press

Resilient Routing Layers (RRL) and Multiple Routing Configurations (MRC) have been proposed as methods to achieve fast recovery from router and link failures in connectionless networks. In this article we show how RRL and MRC can be implemented using the Multi Topology routing scheme and the Stup Router advertisements currently developed within the IETF. This makes RRL and MRC very viable candidates for protection of IP traffic in the next generation Internet.


ISBN 0-7695-2522-9

Citation KeyGjessing.2006.1