AuthorsS. Rasoolzadeh and H. Raddum
TitleImproved Multi-Dimensional Meet-in-the-Middle Cryptanalysis of KATAN
AfilliationSimula@UiB, Communication Systems
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
JournalTatra Mountains Mathematical Publications
PublisherTatra Mountains Mathematical Publications
ISSN1338 – 9750
Keywordsblock cipher, KATAN, lightweight, Meet-in-the-Middle, Reducing complexity

We study multidimensional meet-in-the-middle attacks on the KATAN block cipher family. Several improvements to the basic attacks are ex- plained. The most noteworthy of these is the technique of guessing only non- linearly involved key bits, which reduces the search space by a significant fac- tor. The optimization decreases the complexity of multidimensional meet-in-the- -middle attacks, allowing more rounds of KATAN to be efficiently attacked than previously reported.


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