AuthorsD. Pfahl
TitleAn Integrated Approach to Simulation-Based Learning in Support of Strategic and Project Management in Software Organisations
Publication TypePhD Thesis
Year of Publication2001
Date PublishedOctober
PublisherTU Kaiserslautern
Place PublishedFraunhofer IRB Verlag, Stuttgart
Thesis Typephd

Industrial software development is a highly complex task. The management function plays a key role in both performance of software development projects and improvement of underlying development processes. Simulation models are tools that help managers better understand the effects of technology usage, human behaviour patterns and decision rules on development projects. This dissertation describes the development, application and validation of the methodology IMMoS (Integrated Measurement, Modelling, and Simulation). The main goal of IMMoS is the support of systematic development and usage of process simulation models. In order to fulfil this goal, IMMoS relies on the established process simulation method System Dynamics and combines it with static process modelling and goal-oriented measurement. The result is an integrated approach to simulation-based learning.