AuthorsP. Beskow, P. Halvorsen and C. Griwodz
EditorsD. O. V. Grout and R. Picking
TitleLatency Reduction in Massively Multi-Player Online Games by Partial Migration of Game State
AfilliationCommunication Systems, Communication Systems
Publication TypeProceedings, refereed
Year of Publication2007
Conference NameSecond International Conference on Internet Technologies and Applications
Date PublishedSeptember
PublisherCentre for Applied Internet Research (CAIR)
Place PublishedUniversity of Wales, NEWI, Wrexham, UK.
ISBN Number978-0-946881-54-3

With the increasing popularity of massively multi-player online games (MMOGs), developers are continually forced to deal with the conflicting requirements of supporting a large number of concurrent users, while simultaneously providing low latency. As a result, a common way of distributing load is by dividing the virtual environment into logical regions. Geographically coupled users in such regions can be distinguished by analyzing IP addresses, RTTs or similar. This paper proposes the architecture for a decentralized middleware capable of utilizing such information, with the intent of decreasing the overall latency for the majority of users in that region. The latency reduction is accomplished by migrating a game region to a server closer in locality to the users, thereby lowering the response time of remote procedure calls. Due to the characteristics of MMOGs, the middleware implements a distributed name service, made possible by activating the system from a single node in the system.

Citation KeySimula.ND.51