AuthorsM. Zink, A. Jonas, C. Griwodz and R. Steinmetz
TitleLC-RTP (loss collection RTP): reliability for video caching in the Internet
AfilliationCommunication Systems, Communication Systems
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2000
Keywordsaudio-visual, Bandwidth, cache storage, Communication industry, Delay, file transmissions, Intelligent networks, Internet, LC-RTP, loss collection RTP, multicast protocol, multimedia communication, Network servers, Propagation losses, Protocols, reliability, Streaming media, Telecommunication network reliability, transport protocols, video caching

The increasing amount of audio-visual (AV) content that is offered by web sites leads to a network bandwidth and storage capacity problem. Caching is one of the techniques that can ease this problem. But even in a caching system the distribution of data (i.e. the AV content) should be bandwidth-efficient. Furthermore the delivery to the end-user must regard the restrictions implied by real-time data. This paper describes LC-RTP, an efficient and simple reliable multicast protocol that complies with RTP. Its deployment would require neither changes to the network infrastructure nor to existing end-user presentation software. It provides lossless transmission of AV content into cache servers and concurrently, lossy real-time delivery to end-users using multicast. It achieves reliability by retransmission. The traffic increase is minimal because the transmission of the AV content and any caching will take place while the end-user is served. Support for multicast in the distribution system ensures that all cache servers of a multicast group can cache an AV content while transmitting it to a consumer. Finally we present the results of long distance file transmissions in order to show that LC-RTP performs well and meets the requirements for lossless transmission of AV content

Citation Key23626