AuthorsC. Griwodz
TitleMedia Performance: Building and Evaluating Multimedia Systems
AfilliationCommunication Systems, Communication Systems
Publication TypeTalks, invited
Year of Publication2012
Location of TalkAcademica Sinica, Taipeh, Taiwan, November 6

Increasing network bandwidth, computing power along with algorithmic as well as business development have led to a proliferation of distributed multimedia applications. Video-on-demand, video conferences and multiplayer games are enjoyed by millions, but their development continues even while these services succeed: video services may develop into 3D freeview experiences, games may turn into all-sensory experiences. Multimedia systems researchers hope that such future multimedia systems appear, and try to shape the future. In Simula's Multimedia Performance Group, we pursue only one single research goal: we want to improve media streaming. Luckily, this is not a single-minded task. In our view, media streaming comprises the time-dependent transport of any kind of data; speech samples, video frames, avatar movement, temperature or brightness sensor data, human motion, to name a few. Improving media streaming does than mean that we should investigate how to record, process, store, move and present data in the context of a multimedia system. To focus our research, we perform such investigations in the context of a particular multimedia system idea, with the goal of developing a prototype. The prototype that is discussed in this talk is the Bagadus system ( It combines existing work with new insights into adaptive HTTP streaming, parallel processing, scalable architectures, multipath transport, subjective video quality studies; it requires an integration with movement sensors as well as indexing and search; and of course, deploying it for real brings computer science researchers into a room with elite football(*) coaches and players. To see what artists rather than football players did with our research, you could take a look at another video: (*) "soccer" for Americans

Citation KeySimula.simula.1636