AuthorsE. Barbi, G. Cantone, D. Falessi, M. Rizzuto, V. Sabbatino and S. Scarrone
EditorsM. Jamshidi, R. Sacile and M. Henshaw
TitleA Model-Driven Approach for Configuring and Deploying Systems of Systems
AfilliationSoftware Engineering, Software Engineering
Publication TypeProceedings, refereed
Year of Publication2012
Conference Name7th IEEE International Conference System of Systems

On the one side, the system of systems (SoS) concept, originally suggested as a method to describe the use of different systems interconnected to achieve a specific goal, has grown in its myriad of definitions and concepts. Nevertheless, a common defining attribute of a SoS that critically differentiates it from a single monolithic system is interoperability, or lack thereof, among the constituent parts (i.e., systems). On the other side, model driven engineering has gained increasing interest in the industry as a way to express and analyze system requirements, specifications, architectures, and designs. Model driven engineering consists in developing models before the actual artifact products are designed and then transform the models to the actual artifacts in an automated way. It is therefore obvious how the application of model driven engineering is a perfect solution for defining and analyzing the communications among the systems constituting the SoS.

Citation Keysose2012