AuthorsS. Ali, H. Hemmati, N. E. Holt, E. Arisholm and L. Briand
TitleModel Transformations As a Strategy to Automate Model-Based Testing - a Tool and Industrial Case Studies
AfilliationSoftware Engineering
Project(s)No Simula project
Publication TypeTechnical reports
Year of Publication2010
Date PublishedMarch
PublisherSimula Research Laboratory

In recent years, Model-Based Testing (MBT) has attracted an increasingly wide interest from industry and academia. The beneficial use of MBT, however, requires tools that not only automate the testing process, but that also rely in an extensible and configurable architecture that make them adaptable to various contexts of application. Though a number of tools have been developed to support MBT, this technical report introduces a new approach for designing and developing MBT tools that is based on model transformation technology. We report on the experimental development of a novel MBT tool, TRansformation-based tool for Uml-baSed Testing (TRUST), which software architecture and implementation strategy supports configurable and extensible features such as input models, test models, coverage criteria, test data generation strategies, and test script languages. Based on two industrial case studies, we demonstrate the configurability and extensibility of TRUST. We also investigate the challenges and likely cost savings when compared to manual test generation.

Citation KeySimula.approve.2