AuthorsS. Wang and S. Ali
EditorsJ. Grey
TitleModeling BCMS Product Line Using Feature Model, Component Family Model, and UML
AfilliationSoftware Engineering, Software Engineering, Software Engineering
Project(s)The Certus Centre (SFI)
Publication TypeProceedings, refereed
Year of Publication2013
Conference NameComparing Modeling Approaches Workshop (MODELS 2013)
Place Published.

In the context of Model-Based Engineering (MBE) of product lines, effort required to develop models can be significantly reduced by applying systematic product line modeling and configuration methodologies. Our previous work presented models of bCMS developed using AspectSM, a UML profile for Aspect-Oriented Modeling (AOM), which was defined to model crosscutting behaviors using extended UML state machines, with the objectives of minimizing modeling effort and the learning curve for modeling crosscutting behavior. However, such approach still requires users to be familiar with specific expertise and concepts on various UML behavior models. In this paper, we extend our previous work using Feature Model (FM) and Component Family Model (CFM) to model bCMS product line. More specifically, a FM is designed and developed to capture all variations points for bCMS product line and a CFM is built to provide an abstraction layer on top of the configurable state machines. With our current methodology, a user doesn't need to acquire expertise on behavioral modeling and can simply configure models for a product by selecting features in FM and configuring provided attributes in CFM.

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