AuthorsG. Horn
TitleA New Science for Digital Ecosystems?
Publication TypeTalks, contributed
Year of Publication2005
Location of Talk

The research on Digital Ecosystems is inspired by the evolution of biologic ecosystems. This easily leads to the conclusion that the science needed to analyse and model these system has to be new and does not exist. This talk challenges this view arguing that the toolbox of science build over the ages is sufficient, and it emphasise a thorough approach to build lasting results. The claim is that we do not yet understand the business ecosystems, and consequently we can no transpose it to the digital world. A new theory is needed integrating results from socio-economic research on the role of the regional and national governments in facilitating and stimulating growth; a better understanding of dynamically evolving complex systems; and finally knowledge of what drives business collaboration and the interaction of SMEs with in a global marketplace.


This is an invited talk at the workshop organised by the European Commission 18th May 2005, CCAB / 3D, Centre Albert Borchette, Rue Froissart 36, Brussels: "Towards a network of digital ecosystems: which technology, which research and which instruments? Review of the technology and research activities needs". The official position paper resulting from the workshop can be found at\_position\_paper\_vf.pdf

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