AuthorsJ. Langguth, A. Azad, M. Halappanavar and F. Manne
TitleOn Parallel Push-Relabel Based Algorithms for Bipartite Maximum Matching
Afilliation, Scientific Computing
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
JournalParallel Computing
Date PublishedJuly

We study multithreaded push-relabel based algorithms for computing maximum cardinality matching in bipartite graphs. Matching is a fundamental combinatorial problem with applications in a wide variety of problems in science and engineering. We are motivated by its use in the context of sparse linear solvers for computing the maximum transversal of a matrix. Other applications can be found in many fields such as bioinformatics (Azad et al., 2010) [4], scheduling (Timmer and Jess, 1995) [27], and chemical structure analysis (John, 1995) [14]. We implement and test our algorithms on several multi-socket multicore systems and compare their performance to state-of-the-art augmenting path-based serial and parallel algorithms using a test set comprised of a wide range of real-world instances. Building on several heuristics for enhancing performance, we demonstrate good scaling for the parallel push-relabel algorithm. We show that it is comparable to the best augmenting path-based algorithms for bipartite matching. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first extensive study of multithreaded push-relabel based algorithms. In addition to a direct impact on the applications using matching, the proposed algorithmic techniques can be extended to preflow-push based algorithms for computing maximum flow in graphs.

Citation KeyJohaSimula.simula.2866