AuthorsM. A. Wilhelmsen, H. K. Stensland, V. R. Gaddam, P. Halvorsen and C. Griwodz
TitlePerformance and Application of the NVIDIA NVENC H.264 Encoder
AfilliationCommunication Systems, Communication Systems
Publication TypePoster
Year of Publication2014
Secondary TitleGPU Technology Conference 2014
Date Published03/2014

This poster describes the delivery pipeline in the Bagadus soccer analysis system. The delivery pipeline takes a real-time stitched panorama video, and generates a personal virtual camera that can be controlled by the clients (end-users). An important component in this pipeline is the H.264 encoding of the personalized virtual view before delivery. By using Nvidia's NVENC hardware encoder, we are able to maintain the same visual quality as the software x264 encoder with a reduction in both CPU utilization and encode latency.

Citation Keygtc2014

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