AuthorsD. I. K. Sjøberg, M. P. Atkinson, P. Philbrow and C. Waite
EditorsM. P. Atkinson and R. Welland
TitleThe Persistent Workshop - a Programming Environment for Napier88
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2000
Book TitleFully Integrated Data Environment

The Persistent Workshop is a programming environment to support the construction of application systems in Napier88, a persistent programming language. In addition to supporting programming activities, the Workshop provides a demonstration of the persistence technology together with an environment in which various experiments can be conducted. The paper gives a brief description of the underlying principles of persistence which are exploited by the Workshop. The basic structure of the Workshop is described, together with a brief summary of the tools provided within the programming environment, followed by an outline of the internal structure of the Workshop and the use of persistent data structures. =46inally, the current status of the Workshop is described together with some comments on future work.