AuthorsA. Kvalbein, T. Cicic and S. Gjessing
EditorsE. M. G. Kesidis and R. Srikant
TitlePost-Failure Routing Performance With Multiple Routing Configurations
Afilliation, Communication Systems
Publication TypeProceedings, refereed
Year of Publication2007
Conference NameIEEE INFOCOM 2007
Date PublishedMay
ISBN Number1-4244-1047-0

The slow convergence of IGP routing protocols after a topology change has led to several proposals for proactive recovery schemes in IP networks. These proposals are limited to guaranteeing loop-free connectivity after a link or node failure, and do not take into account the resulting load distribution in the network. This can lead to congestion and packet drops. In this work, we show how a good load distribution can be achieved in pure IP networks immediately after a link failure, when Multiple Routing Configurations (MRC) is used as a fast recovery mechanism. This paper is the first attempt to improve the load balancing when a proactive recovery scheme is used. Unlike load balancing methods used with normal IP rerouting, our method does not compromise on the routing performance in the failure free case. Our method is evaluated using simulations on several real and synthetically generated network topologies. The evaluation shows that our method yields good routing performance, making it feasible to use MRC to handle transient network failures.

Citation KeyKvalbein.2007.1