AuthorsA. F. Hansen, T. Cicic and P. E. Engelstad
TitleProfiles and Multi-Topology Routing in Highly Heterogeneous Ad Hoc Networks
Publication TypeProceedings, refereed
Year of Publication2006
Conference NameINFOCOM 2006, Poster and Demo session, Barcelona, Spain April 23-29
Date PublishedApril

This paper points out multi-parameter heterogeneity as one of the main research challenges for future ad hoc network scenarios. Current research is often focusing on dealing with heterogeneity in terms of only one property, such as battery life or link capacity. Instead, we argue for a more holistic approach that can deal with heterogeneity in terms of a number of different parameters simultaneously. Profiled routing and multitopology routing are proposed as possible solutions.

Citation KeyHansen.2006.2