AuthorsI. Ahmed
EditorsD. A. G. Rashid
TitleProvisioning Multimedia QoS in Wireless Networks-The Meta Analysis
Publication TypeProceedings, refereed
Year of Publication2007
Conference Name2nd International Conference on Information Communication Technology
Date PublishedDecember
PublisherICICT IBA Karachi
Place PublishedIBA Karachi, Pakistan

Providing Quality of Service for multimedia contents in wireless networks is the hot issue among recent researches. Most of the work already has been done in this field but no such article provides conclusive results. This is the major motivation to do Meta-analysis research in this field, to provide some conclusive results based upon previous knowledge base. Thirty-six journal articles have been selected and reviewed, the subject area found are: Call Admission & Control, Bandwidth Management, Resource Reservation/Allocation, Cross-Layer Design, Routing and Traffic Management. The research models, methodologies, variables and subject area, used by each article are identified. Finally results have been concluded on the basis of this knowledge base. On the basis of these results the new framework is proposed, which would be helpful for upcoming researcher to initiate the research in the field of wireless network to provide QoS for multimedia contents.

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