AuthorsA. M. Bruaset, S. Ali, A. Brodtkorb, G. Bøe, S. Denysov, H. Eide and S. Selstø
TitleQCNorway: Contributions Towards a Norwegian Quantum Computing Strategy
AfilliationCommunication Systems, Software Engineering, Scientific Computing, Cryptography, Machine Learning
Project(s)Department of Engineering Complex Software Systems
Publication TypePublic outreach
Year of Publication2023
Date Published06/2023
Type of WorkPosition Paper
Keywordsnational strategy, quantum computing

Norway lacks a national strategy and corresponding investments for the development of its own expertise on quantum computing through educational programmes, active research, business creation, and support from technical infrastructures.

Given the enormous momentum in quantum technology and quantum computing R&D world-wide and in our neighbouring countries, there is an immediate threat that Norway will arrive too late at a technology race that has the potential of redefining the digital society and digital business development.

This position paper presents the most important takeaway messages from the open workshop QCNorway: Towards a Norwegian Quantum Computing Strategy, which took place in Oslo on November 7–8, 2022 with more than 150 participants. The discussion herein is limited to quantum computing and does not claim to address quantum technology in general. Hopefully, this paper and complementary inputs from other stakeholders can inspire the development of a national quantum strategy, in which quantum computing is a principal part.

Citation Key43378

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