AuthorsK. Holgeid, M. Jørgensen, G. H. Volden and H. Berg
TitleRealizing benefits in public IT projects: A multiple case study
AfilliationSoftware Engineering
Project(s)EDOS: Effective Digitalization of Public Sector
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2022
JournalIET Software
Date Published12/2022

IT investments in the public sector are large, and it is essential that they lead to benefits for the organizations themselves and for the wider society. While there is evidence suggesting a positive connection between the existence of benefits management practices and benefits realization, less is known about how to implement such practices effectively. The paper aims to provide insights into when benefits are most likely to be realized, and how benefits management practices and roles should be implemented in order to have a positive effect on the projects’ success in terms of realizing benefits. The authors collected data relating to ten Norwegian public IT projects. For each project, they collected data on benefits management from project documents, by interviewing the project owners and benefits owners, and follow-up surveys. The benefits internal to the organization were those with the highest degree of realization, while the societal benefits were those with the lowest degree. Projects assessed to have more specific, measurable, accountable, and realistically planned benefits were more successful in realizing benefits. Benefits owners were most effective when they were able to attract attention towards the benefits to be realized, had a strong mandate, and had domain expertise.

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