AuthorsS. L. Amundsen and F. Eliassen
TitleA Resource and Context Model for Mobile Middleware
AfilliationCommunication Systems, Communication Systems
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
JournalPersonal and Ubiquitous Computing
Date PublishedFebruary

Mobile computing systems are increasingly difficult to configure, operate, and manage. To reduce operation and maintenance cost plus meet user's expectation with respect to QoS, the computing system and its building blocks should be self-managed. When addressing the challenges associated with architecting self-managed mobile computing systems, one must take a holistic view on QoS management and the heterogonous entities in the mobile environment. This paper presents a novel model that combines resources and context elements. To illustrate the usefulness of the model, it is applied to a video streaming application by: i) modelling context elements and resources in the target environment, ii) specifying context dependencies and QoS characteristics of the application, and iii) designing weakly integrated resource and context managers. We describe a middleware that uses the developed managers when performing context and QoS management of the application. Specifically we show how the middleware can acquire the required information about the environment to evaluate context dependencies and predict offered QoS of alternative implementations of the application. In order to select the one that can operate in the current environment and that best satisfies given user preferences.

Citation KeyAmundsen.2006.4