AuthorsM. Peón-Quirós, A. S. Khatouni, T. Hirsch, V. Mancuso, V. Comite, A. Lutu, Ö. Alay, S. Alfredsson, J. Karlsson, A. Brunstrom et al.
EditorsC. Peng and I. Tinnirello
TitleResults from Running an Experiment as a Service Platform for Mobile Networks
AfilliationCommunication Systems
Project(s)MONROE: Measuring Mobile Broadband Networks in Europe
Publication TypeProceedings, refereed
Year of Publication2017
Conference Namethe 11th WorkshopProceedings of the 11th Workshop on Wireless Network Testbeds, Experimental evaluation & CHaracterization - WiNTECH '17
PublisherACM Press
Place PublishedSnowbird, Utah, USANew York, New York, USA
ISBN Number9781450351478
Citation Key25918