AuthorsG. Horn
TitleThemes for the Future... (MADAM & MUSIC FP7 Position Statement)
Publication TypeTalks, contributed
Year of Publication2005
Location of TalkMisc

The position statement postulates that the key areas for research over the next ten years in Framework Programme 7 will be on simplification and reliability of complex systems making them socially accpetable when the focus shifts from the individual user to groups. Making systems self configurable and autonomic may contradict the user's desire to be able to control the digital environment.


The presentation was given at the Consultation Workshop on "Future Service Platforms and Software Development Technologies" organised by the European Commission 7 December in Brussels for the Technology Pillar "Software, Grids, security and dependability" of ICT Theme of the FP7 proposal. Participation to the workshop was by invitation only.

Citation KeyHorn.2005.5