AuthorsK. J. Hole and S. Ahmad
TitleA thousand brains: toward biologically constrained AI
AfilliationMachine Learning
Project(s)Simula UiB
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
JournalSN Applied Sciences
Date Published07/2021
Publisher Springer nature
KeywordsBiologically constrained general AI, Common cortical algorithm, General AI, Limitations of narrow AI, Neocortex, Neuroscience

This paper reviews the state of artificial intelligence (AI) and the quest to create general AI with human-like cognitive capabilities. Although existing AI methods have produced powerful applications that outperform humans in specific bounded domains, these techniques have fundamental limitations that hinder the creation of general intelligent systems. In parallel, over the last few decades, an explosion of experimental techniques in neuroscience has significantly increased our understanding of the human brain. This review argues that improvements in current AI using mathematical or logical techniques are unlikely to lead to general AI. Instead, the AI community should incorporate neuroscience discoveries about the neocortex, the human brain’s center of intelligence. The article explains the limitations of current AI techniques. It then focuses on the biologically constrained Thousand Brains Theory describing the neocortex’s computational principles. Future AI systems can incorporate these principles to overcome the stated limitations of current systems. Finally, the article concludes that AI researchers and neuroscientists should work together on specified topics to achieve biologically constrained AI with human-like capabilities.

Citation Key28371

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