AuthorsG. Zoughbi, L. Briand and Y. Labiche
TitleA UML Profile for Developing Airworthiness-Compliant (RTCA DO-178B) Safety-Critical Software
Publication TypeProceedings, refereed
Year of Publication2007
Conference NameInternational Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages

Many safety-related and certification standards exist for developing safety-critical systems. Safety assessments are performed in practice, and system certification according to a standard requires the submitting information about the software. The airworthiness standard, RTCA DO-178B, is the software de-facto standard for commercial and military aerospace programmes. The objective of this research is to propose an approach to improve the line of communication between safety engineers and software engineers by proposing a Unified Modeling Language (UML) profile that allows software engineers to model safety related concepts and properties in UML, the de-facto software modeling language. In this research, the list of safety-related concepts is extracted from RTCA DO- 178B, and then a UML profile is presented to enable modeling them. Then, approaches to generate certification-related information from UML models are presented. This new approach is illustrated through a case study on developing an aircraft's navigation controller subsystem

Citation KeySimula.SE.147