AuthorsJ. P. Kasbo, H. E. Gallis and J. Herstad
TitleWalking Away From the PDA
Publication TypeTechnical reports
Year of Publication2002
PublisherUniversity of Oslo

This article presents our study of medical students in their medical practice and their use of mobile terminals, serving as information resources, in relation to the KNOWMOBILE project. The main objective is to shed light upon conditions for the possibility for use of mobile terminals, serving as an information resource, in contexts related to the medical practice. The title of the this article refers to our most distinct discovery: We observed a very limited use of the mobile terminal in the medical students' practical training. We observed that they preferred to use other resources instead, and often left the mobile terminal at home or in the cloakroom at the practice location. When moving away from the medical contexts and the medical tasks, the use increased. Through literature studies, prototyping and empirical findings, we state that several aspects affect the use or more correctly: the non-use of the mobile terminal. We state that the use is dependent upon the characteristics and resources of the mobile terminal as well as the other information resources available in the context. In addition, we believe that because the use of the mobile terminal was not percieved as a part of the community of practice, the medical students did not find the mobile terminal useful in their medical practice period.

Citation KeyKasbo.2002.1