AIT4CR: AI-Powered Testing Infrastructure for Cancer Registry System

AIT4CR: AI-Powered Testing Infrastructure for Cancer Registry System


The innovation planned is a state-of-the-art test infrastructure including new testing techniques utilizing algorithms from machine learning and evolutionary computation (i.e., two sub-areas of AI) to support cost-effective and systematic testing of the Cancer Registration Support System (CaReSS) to significantly improve its quality, and quality of data and statistics it produces, by dealing with the continuous evolution and unpredictable behavior of machine learning algorithms. This will positively affect all its end users, including researchers, patients, doctors, and government officials. The deployment of the new testing infrastructure at the Cancer Registry of Norway (CRN) will contribute to the further digitalization at the CRN, leading to significant improvements in the current testing practice at CRN. With minimal effort, the testing infrastructure has the potential to be deployed to other health registries in Norway and cancer registries in the world.

Funding source

  • The Research Council of Norway


  • Simula Research Laboratory
  • Cancer Registry of Norway

Project leaders

  • Simula Research Laboratory: Shaukat Ali and Tao Yue
  • Cancer Registry of Norway: Jan F. Nygård