The Certus Centre (SFI)

The Certus Centre (SFI)

The Certus Centre has made a strong impact in the global software engineering community in the areas of variability testing, modelling highly configurable systems, and testing data-intensive systems. Software engineers and researchers have teamed up to create an innovative environment where specialised expertise and creative research combine to produce readily exploitable, takeaway results. Certus has issued a number of high-quality publications and developed several software prototype tools, such as the TITAN tool and the Zen-RUCM editor. Another highlight of Certus' production is the experimental application of our techniques in industrial case studies. 

Certus has three core expertise fields:

Model-based engineering for highly configurable systems:

Involving the application of model driven engineering techniques to the modelling and configuration of subsea integrated control systems, which can be regarded as highly variable software systems. 

Testing of data-intensive systems:

Looking into the improvement of existing regression testing techniques to handle large database-centric applications.

Testing of real-time embedded systems: 

Involving research into managing the testing activities of families of realtime embedded systems. 

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