Co-Evolver: Uncertainty-Aware Coevolution Design of Self-Adaptive Cyber-Physical Systems

The primary objective of the Co-evolver project is to explore and exploit the coevolution design of a self-adaptive Cyber-physical Systems (CPSs) to a given level of maturity before deployment and enable the self-evolution of its coevolution strategy during operation, by drawing on theories and technologies from model-based engineering, evolutionary computation, and machine learning. The key scientific outcomes are 1) a multi-paradigm modeling framework for developing executable coevolution design models, 2) novel (co-)evolutionary algorithms and advanced applied studies on uncertainty-related theories and machine learning techniques to enable the continuous exploration and exploitation of coevolution designs, and 3) a comprehensive platform for evolving coevolution design models. The secondary objective is to apply the outcomes to at least one self-CPS application domain, opening a new stream of research in the domain of uncertainty-aware coevolution designs of self-CPSs.

Funding source:

Research Council of Norway

Project leaders:

Simula Research Laboratory 


Software Engineering



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