ColoCompare: colonoscopy guidance and AI assisted procedure comparison

ColoCompare: colonoscopy guidance and AI assisted procedure comparison

2024 - 2026
Research Area
Machine Learning

ColoCompare is led by Augere Medical, a company that has spun out from several years of research activities on artificial intelligence in colonoscopy in Simula and Forzasys. The project will be led by Dr. Pia Smedsrud, CEO of Augere, and SimulaMet’s work will be led by Professor Pål Halvorsen and Professor Michael A. Riegler. 

The project targets enhanced colonoscopy efficiency through a novel Digital Bowel Health Platform and ColoGuide, a guidance system. These new technologies will heighten polyp detection accuracy, improve overall bowel examination, and alleviate economic burdens on healthcare systems while amplifying service quality.

The Digital Bowel Health Platform will allow for recording, storage, analyses and retrieval of colonoscopy videos and metadata. The colonoscopy guidance system, ColoGuide, will notify the endoscopist if any area of the bowel has been missed, or if certain areas of the bowel is inadequately examined and needs better preparation. 

SimulaMet will lead the algorithm development activities in the project, leveraging our AI expertise in gastrointestinal endoscopy.