FLEX-MONROE: FIRE LTE Testbeds for Open Experimentation

FLEX-MONROE: FIRE LTE Testbeds for Open Experimentation

2016 - 2017
Research Area

FLEX (FIRE LTE testbeds for open experimentation) aims at contributing a crucial missing piece in FIRE's infrastructure puzzle: cellular access technologies and Long-Term Evolution (LTE). FLEX's experimentation environment will feature both open source platforms and configurable commercial equipment that span macro-cell, pico-cell and small-cell setups. FLEX will build upon current FIRE testbed management and experiment control tools and extend them to provide support for the new LTE components, and will develop specialized monitoring tools and methodologies. Focus will be placed on mobility, with the establishment of both real and emulated mobility functionalities on the testbeds.

Simula is one of the Open Call partners building the FLEX-MONROE platform under FIRE LTE umbrella. It aims to develop and deploy all necessary hardware and software extensions to enable LTE network performance evaluation both in operational (MONROE) and experimental (FLEX) LTE networks from the end-user perspective. Access to the unique FLEX-MONROE platform enables to design and execute experiments in order to model the application performance in LTE networks.

Funding source

EU Framework Programme 7 (FP7-ICT-2013-10)

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