GASS: Green AI for Sustainable Shipping

GASS: Green AI for Sustainable Shipping


The project GASS, or Green AI for Sustainable Shipping, has been awarded 44 million Norwegian kroner to develop new commercial AI-enhanced technology and services to optimize the energy usage of vessels and ships.

Currently, there are no systematic data‐driven solutions for improving energy efficiency onboard, mainly due to the complexity of ship operating environments, as well as the high complexity of data processing, such as AIS data, which is often incomplete and unreliable. This project will enable vessel owners and operators to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to the green transition by enhancing vessel performance to maintain competitiveness and comply with new regulations and agreements.

Each GASS partner has clearly defined roles. Simula’s role will be leveraging the researcher and developer experience to create the machine learning and digital twin back-end of this project

Green AI for Sustainable Shipping (GASS) is one of nine green projects to receive funding through the Norwegian Government’s Green Platform scheme.