Gemini Center on Quantum Computing

Founded in 2020 by NTNU, University of Oslo, and SINTEF, our goal is to make Norway “quantum ready”. By 2021 also Simula is an associate partner. The background for this centre is the emergence of quantum computers, which many experts regard as one of the most important disruptive technologies in the near future. There is a huge investment in this type of technology from governments, research programs, companies and venture capitalists. The total spending on quantum initiatives worldwide in 2020 is estimated to be 22 billion USD. It is vital for Norway to start to build the necessary expertise in order to become “quantum ready”. This centre gathers a strong interdisciplinary, cross-institutional team of researchers from the University of Oslo, NTNU and SINTEF to promote quantum technology, establish contact with internationally leading expert groups, and work together with industrial partners. Highlighting potential use cases and joining forces to build the necessary expertise.

The centre gathers expertise in the emerging technology of quantum computing and focuses on algorithms/software and application areas (rather than hardware). Quantum computers work in a fundamentally different way than classical computers. To utilize them requires that one understands the underlying quantum-physical principles and can use these to rethink how algorithms are designed (quantum software). A multidisciplinary approach is indispensable.


Software Engineering

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