HENCSAT: Network Coding Protocols for Satellite Terminals with Multiple Logical Paths

There are numerous emerging satellite network scenarios where the logical path between the information source and the destination is not unique. Such logical paths can be realised with satellite user terminals that support multiple frequency bands, multiple air interfaces, or that can access to multiple beams and gateways. Recent studies have shown the merit of applying network coding to jointly use multiple logical paths in offering more flexibility, diverse service portfolios, seamless handovers, and improved QoS.

HENCSAT’s aim is to design and build a testbed and further develop multiple coding protocols to improve performance and reliability of modern satellite networks. HENCSAT is an acronym for the coding protocol "Highly Efficient Network Coding for Satellite Applications Test-bed".

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European Space Agency - ARTES Advanced Technology Programme

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Communication Systems


12.04.2016 – 12.04.2018