MBT4CPS: Model-Based Testing For Cyber-Physical Systems

MBT4CPS: Model-Based Testing For Cyber-Physical Systems

July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2018

The complexity of Cyber Physical Systems presents unprecedented challenges for testing both nominal functionality and its associated extra-functional properties in unexpected situations. Thus, we need basic research to handle difficulties imposed by testing.  Given the breadth and depth of the topic, as a starting point, we emphasize exclusively on dealing with the following two types of uncertain and risky situations. First, we focus on testing security features together in unpredictable and risky situations. Second, we concentrate on testing self-healing features, i.e., the ability of a CPS to recover from faults itself in risk and unpredictable situations. The successful completion of the project will produce distinct testing methods to test systems. Once such well-tested systems start operating in real life, these will be secure and safe. 

Publications for the MBT4CPS project can be found in Simula's publication database.

Funding source:

Research Council of Norway

All partners:

Simula Research Laboratory

Project leaders:

Shaukat Ali (PI), Tao Yue (Co-PI)