WTT4Oslo: Improving Quality of IoT-based Welfare Technology Solutions in the City of Oslo

Welfare Technology is an emerging concept that refers to the use of new technology solutions within the fields of nursing, health, and social care. Preliminary studies have shown that Welfare Technology Solutions (WTSs) provide significant gains both in terms of increased quality of life and reduced levels of health service consumption by citizens. 

The objective of this innovation is to improve the quality of the current and future WTSs of the City of Oslo (CoO), enhance their safety, privacy and security, and improve the testing practice at CoO, via automated, systematic, and cost-effective testing, for enhancing the overall quality of welfare services provided by the WTSs to end-users. The proposed testing solution is expected to reduce testing time and improve the overall efficiency of developing WTSs, while it will become accessible to other municipalities and counties in Norway in the future.


  • The Research Council of Norway


  • Simula Research Laboratory
  • City of Oslo


Software Engineering



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