Zen-Configurator: Interactive and Optimal Configuration of Cyber Physical System Product Lines 

The goal of the Zen-Configurator project is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness, and thereby reduce the cost, of configuring large-scale Cyber Physical System (CPS) product lines. To achieve this goal, we maximally automate error-prone and costly manual configuration activities and optimally assist the interactive configuration process. On one hand, the project relies on advanced technologies of constraint solving/evaluation, optimization using search algorithms, and propose state-of-art algorithms to enable automated configuration activities. On the other hand, the project grounds itself to address real challenges faced by industry and propose a practical and applicable solution and apply it in at least one application domain.

Funding source:

Research Council of Norway

All partners:

Simula Research Laboratory

Project leaders:

Tao Yue (PI), Shaukat Ali (Co-PI)


July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2018

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