Experts at Simula

Experts at Simula

Connect with a selection of Simula experts who are ready to be contacted for subspecialties from AI to Quantum Computing and beyond. These individuals are ready to answer questions and discuss collaborating on cutting-edge solutions.

Also find the contact points within Simula's core research areas.

Press contact
A press contact at the end of this page is available to direct you to a contact point if needed.

Experts at your service

Artificial Intelligence
Michael Riegler

Computational Mathematics
Marie E. Rognes

Carlos Cid

Cyber Security
Olav Lysne
Lillian Røstad

Data Science
Evrim Acar Ataman

Health & ICT
Molly Maleckar

High Performance Computing
Are Magnus Bruaset

Mobile Networks
Haakon Bryhni

Quantum Computing
Shaukat Ali
Are Magnus Bruaset

Research area contacts

Seeking a solution within one of Simula's main research areas? Each area is briefly described along with a main contact point.

Cryptography - We design and analyse cryptographic schemes for secure communication and computation, and develop techniques for efficient, secure and reliable information storage and sharing.
Contact point: Øyvind Ytrehus

Communication Systems - We interrogate large scale communication systems and networks, in order to safely take advantage of the opportunities and reduce the risks associated with the modern communication systems that underpin our digital society.
Contact point: Sven-Arne Reinemo

Machine Learning - We build and study machine learning algorithms for real-life applications including sports, healthcare and software engineering, and also explore the mathematical foundations of machine learning.
Contact point: Sven-Arne Reinemo

Scientific Computing - We develop mathematical models that describe reality. We focus on both theoretical foundations and applications of these models to understand different systems, from the human body to geology.
Contact point: Joakim Sundnes

Software Engineering - We develop and test software systems to ensure they are robust, reliable, safe and secure, both for today’s systems and for quantum systems of the future.
Contact point: Are Magnus Bruaset

Press contact
Address: Simula Research Laboratory, Kristian Augusts gate 23, 0164 Oslo
Phone: +47 67 82 82 00
Contacts: Elya Simukka & Maria Normann