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Out of 92 applications, 19 projects have been invited to contract negotiations in the fifth round of national investments in research infrastructure. Simula's project on exascale computing is...
Alessio Lavecchia
On 30 June 2017, Alessio Lavecchia successfully defended his PhD thesis "Continental rift formation and transition to oceanic seafloor spreading: a case study of the Afar triple junction"...
Marcus Noack (Photo: Karoline Hagane/Simula)
On Friday June 23rd, Marcus Michael Noack defended his PhD thesis "New Theoretical and Numerical Methods for Wave-Motion Modeling and Optimization". The defense will take place at 13.15 at...
Simone Ferlin-Oliveira (Photo: Karoline Hagane/Simula)
On Friday June 23rd, Simone Ferlin-Oliveria defended her PhD thesis "Making Multipath TCP Work over Heterogeneous Wireless Networks". The defense took place at 13.15 at Storstua, Simula...
Siri Kallhovd (Photo: Simula/Karoline Hagane)
On Thursday June 15th, Siri Kallhovd defended her PhD thesis "Computational tools for clinically driven models of cardiac electro-mechanics". The defense took place at 13:15 at Storstua,...
Huihui Zhang defended his PhD
On Saturday, 3 June, 2017, Huihui Zhang successfully defended his PhD thesis Research on Aspect-oriented Real-time Requirements Modeling and Supporting Techniques for Requirements Inspection. The...
Microphone (Illustration: Simula/LandApril)
On Tuesday May 23 researchers, decision makers, and politicians will meet at the House of Literature in Oslo for the annual cyber symposium organised by NTNU Center for Cyber and Information Security...


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Det er ikke tilstrekkelig at et IT-prosjekt leveres til avtalt tid, kostnad og med spesifisert funksjonalitet.
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Ingen bransje slipper unna digitaliseringen, Vi har vært igjennom endringer før, men denne er større, og det kommer til å bli brutalt,
Simula Research Laboratory
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Exaskala-maskiner ved Simula Forskningsrådet deler tirsdag ut en milliard kroner til forskningsanlegg, laboratorier, utstyr og databaser. 19 prosjekter med betydning for næringsliv, helse, klima og fornybar energi har sluppet gjennom nåløyet.