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Marie Rognes (Photo: Simula/Bård Gudim)
On Tuesday September 26 Marie Rognes will be speaking at the Cutting Edge Festival in Oslo. Simula is one of the sponsors of the festival, and representatives from The Simula Garage (Gründergarasjen...
Thomas Rolfsnes (Photo: Simula/Karoline Hagane)
On Friday September 1st, Thomas Gramstad Rolfsnes defended his PhD thesis "Improving History-Based Recommendation Systems for Software Evolution". The defense took place at 13:15 at...
Deepak Dwarakanath (Photo: Simula/Karoline Hagane)
On Wednesday August 30th, Deepak Dwarakanath defended his PhD thesis "Robustness of Feature Based Calibration in New Age 3D Applications". The defense took place at 13.15 at Storstua,...
Dzugias Baltrunas
On Thursday 17. August, Džiugas Baltrūnas defended his PhD thesis "On Reliability in Mobile Broadband Networks". The defense took place at 13.15 at Storstua, Simula. ...
Icon for Scientific computing at Simula
Out of 92 applications, 19 projects have been invited to contract negotiations in the fifth round of national investments in research infrastructure. Simula's project on exascale computing is...
Alessio Lavecchia
On 30 June 2017, Alessio Lavecchia successfully defended his PhD thesis "Continental rift formation and transition to oceanic seafloor spreading: a case study of the Afar triple junction"...
Marcus Noack (Photo: Karoline Hagane/Simula)
On Friday June 23rd, Marcus Michael Noack defended his PhD thesis "New Theoretical and Numerical Methods for Wave-Motion Modeling and Optimization". The defense will take place at 13.15 at...


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Lærere fra Bærum kommune deltar denne uken i et pilotprosjekt for å lære programmering som de kan bruke i undervisningen.
Simulaskolen, Simula
Norge trenger varige toppforskningsmiljøer.
Revidert nasjonalbudsjett Regjeringen ønsker flere kryptologer i Norge For å styrke IKT-sikkerhet og kryptologi, foreslår regjeringen en større bevilgning i revidert nasjonalbudsjett.