Exploring Norway's role in shaping future AI research
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Exploring Norway's role in shaping future AI research


Simula is pleased to announce our upcoming seminar: Ethical Alignment and Scientific Novelty in AI: The Norwegian Paradigm.

The role of Artificial Intelligence in society is growing faster than expected, and its impacts are only just starting to be felt. What is clear is that AI will become an integrated part of almost all aspects of everyday life. How can we ensure that its development remains strongly rooted in ethics and serves societal good? 

Norway has a strong tradition for both democratic principles and research excellence, which offers a unique lens to view this alignment between the technological potential and the ethical considerations that AI entails. 

Simula is hosting a half-day seminar exploring this topic, bringing together sociologists, philosophers, and technology researchers to discuss this alignment and how Norway can take a leading role in championing AI research that is both innovative and ethically sound.


Date: December 4th
Time: 09:00-12:30, followed by a light lunch and mingling
Venue: Simula Research Laboratory, Kristian Augusts gate 23

What you can expect:

  • 5 talks by leading researchers, each exploring the potential impact of AI from a different perspective
  • Panel discussion: “Unlocking Norway's unique potential for shaping the future of AI research”
  • Chances to network during the breaks & lunch (with refreshments)

Scientific abstract for this seminar:
Ethical Alignment and Scientific Novelty in AI: The Norwegian Paradigm

Artificial intelligence (AI) has dramatically redefined the fabric of society and the frontier of research. While AI promises limitless potential, its fusion with ethical imperatives remains paramount. Norway, characterised by its exceptional societal values, ethical principles, and scientific acumen, presents a beacon of how AI can be both innovative and ethically grounded. The seminar will explore the Scandinavian/Nordic model's applicability in AI, emphasising moral integrity, democratic values, and inclusion, as well as the unique opportunity Norway has to prioritise scientific advancement without compromising moral and societal welfare.


  • Herman Wright Cappelen
    Professor, Dept of Philosophy, School of Humanities, The University of Hong Kong 
    "Value Alignment: What It Is and Why It's Dangerous”
  • Kathinka Vik
    Jurist, Likestillings- og diskrimineringsombudet
    "Innebygd diskrimineringsvern: Likestillings- og diskrimineringsombudets veileder for ikke-diskriminerende utvikling og bruk av AI"
  • Scott Robert Rettberg
    Professor and Director, the Center for Digital Narrative, University of Bergen
    “Cyborg Authorship: Writing Digital Narratives with Generative AI”
  • Fredrik Andersen
    Associate Professor, Dept of Welfare, Management and Organisation, Østfold University College
    “Philosophical bias and categorization: what is inclusion, participation and justice?”
  • Mikkel Lepperød (Research Scientist, Simula Research Laboratory)
    "Understanding AI: Technical Insights, Neuroscience Lessons, and Future Possibilities"
  • Bernard Enjolras & Kari Steen-Johnsen
    Research Professors, Institute for Social Research
    “Beyond techno-solutionism: the social dimension of generative AI”

About the Simula Seminars 

Simula's mission is to solve important and fundamental problems of science and engineering for the benefit and advancement of society.

Through this seminar series, Simula explores big picture questions at the intersection of technology and society. Questions such as how can AI be developed ethically and what can Norway contribute to the enormous potential of AI? By bringing together interdisciplinary contributors from academia, industry and the public sector, Simula aims to drive progress in a way that is beneficial for everyone.