Here is an overview of Simula's financial reporting integrated into annual reports, plans, strategies and more useful information.

Annual Reports

The Simula Annual Reports describe the state of the company at the year-end including the integrated financial statements.

The 2023 annual report (årsrapport) is available in both Norwegian and English.

Gender Equality Plan

Simula's Gender Equality Plan (GEP) is formatted in accordance with EU and RCN requirements. This GEP covers all Simula companies in the Group.

Available in English only.

Simula Strategy (2018-2028)

This is the current 10-year Simula Strategy (2018-2028) for the Simula Group.

Available in English only.

Scientific Evaluation of Simula (2016-2017)

Simula is regularly evaluated on every aspect of Simula’s activities within research, education and innovation.

The latest evaluation of Simula was carried out by an international evaluation panel established by the Norwegian Research Council on behalf of the Ministry of Education and Research. The objective of these evaluation processes is to give an impartial and complete report on the activity at Simula.

The 2017 Scientific evaluation of Simula is available in its entirety for the period 2010-2015.

General assembly

An overview of the minutes from the general assembly (generalforsamling) for Simula Research Laboratory.

Available in Norwegian only.

Articles of Association

Here are the Articles of association (vedtekter) for Simula Research Laboratory.

Available in Norwegian only.