AuthorsK. Ahmad, K. Pogorelov, M. Riegler, O. Ostroukhova, P. Halvorsen, N. Conci and R. Dahyot
TitleAutomatic detection of passable roads after floods in remote sensed and social media data
AfilliationCommunication Systems
Project(s)UMOD: Understanding and Monitoring Digital Wildfires, Department of Holistic Systems
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
JournalSignal Processing: Image Communication
Keywordsconvolutional neural networks, Flood detection, Multimedia Indexing and Retrieval, Natural Disasters, Satellite Imagery, Social Media

This paper addresses the problem of floods classification and floods aftermath detection based onboth social media and satellite imagery. Automatic detection of disasters such as floods is still a very challenging task. The focus lies on identifying passable routes or roads during floods. Two novel solutions are presented, which were developed for two corresponding tasks at the MediaEval 2018 benchmarking challenge. The tasks are (i) identification of images providing evidence for road passability and (ii) differentiation and detection of passable and non-passable roads in images from two complementary sources of information. For the first challenge, we mainly rely on object and scene-level features extracted through multiple deep models pre-trained on the ImageNet and Places datasets. The object and scene-level features are then combined using early, late and double fusion techniques. To identify whether or not it is possible for a vehicle to pass a road in satellite images, we rely on Convolutional Neural Networks and a transfer learning-based classification approach. The evaluation of the proposed methods is carried out on the large-scale datasets provided for the benchmark competition. The results demonstrate significant improvement in the performance over the recent state-of-art approaches.

Citation Key26455

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