AuthorsM. Marin, L. Moonen and A. van Deursen
EditorsM. Di Penta and J. I. Maletic
TitleDocumenting Typical Crosscutting Concerns
Publication TypeProceedings, refereed
Year of Publication2007
Conference NameProceedings 14th IEEE Working Conference on Reverse Engineering (WCRE)

Our analysis of crosscutting concerns in real-life software systems (totaling over 500,000 LOC) and in reports from literature indicated a number of properties that allow for their decomposition in primitive building blocks which are atomic crosscutting concerns. We classify these blocks in crosscutting concern sorts, and we use them to describe the crosscutting structure of many (well-known) designs and common mechanisms in software systems. In this paper, we formalize the notion of crosscutting concern sorts by means of relational queries over (object-oriented) source models. Based on these queries, we present a concern management tool called SOQUET, which can be used to document the occurrences of crosscutting concerns in object-oriented systems. We assess the sorts-based approach by using the tool to cover various crosscutting concerns in two open-source systems: JHOTDRAW and Java PETSTORE.

Citation KeySimula.SE.453