AuthorsP. M. Kekenes-Huskey, A. G. Edwards, J. E. Hake, A. P. Michailova, A. J. McCammon and A. D. McCulloch
TitleA Markov-State Model for the Regulation of the Sarcoplasmic Reticulum Ca2+ ATPase by Phospholamban
AfilliationScientific Computing, , Scientific Computing
Project(s)Center for Biomedical Computing (SFF)
Publication TypeProceedings, non-refereed
Year of Publication2014
Conference NameAnnual meeting in Biophysical society
Date Published01/2014

Compelling evidence suggests that reduced sarcoplasmic reticulum (SR) Ca 2+ uptake via 
the SR Ca 2+ ATPase (SERCA) is a major contributor to the development of Ca 2+ signaling 
abnormalities in heart failure, and equally important as other known contributors to impaired 
Ca 2+ handling.