AuthorsA. F. Hansen, A. Kvalbein, T. Cicic, S. Gjessing and O. Lysne
TitleResilient Routing Layers: an Overview of Technology and Applications
AfilliationCommunication Systems, Communication Systems
Publication TypeProceedings, non-refereed
Year of Publication2005
Conference NameEURO NGI Workshop on Traffic Engineering, Protection and Restoration, Rome April 18-20
Date PublishedApril

A thorough study of the network recovery methods available today reveals that there still exist a great potential for improvements. Most methods are optimized for handling single link failures, thus providing inadequate protection for node failures. Methods are often too complex to be adopted by network administrators in practice. Recovery in connectionless IP networks is still hampered by inappropriate delayed recovery due to slow convergence of IP rerouting. The authors have recently proposed Resilient Routing Layers (RRL) as an answer to some of the deficiencies observed from current methods. In this paper we will describe main features of RRL, present some recent research results and sketch our plans for future work.