AuthorsW. Moazzam, M. Riegler and S. Sen
TitleScientific Hangman: Gamifying Scientific Evidence for General Public
AfilliationCommunication Systems, Software Engineering, Communication Systems, Software Engineering
Publication TypeProceedings, refereed
Year of Publication2015
Conference NameSecond International Workshop on Gamification for Information Retrieval (GamifIR’15). Vienna, Austria, March 29 - April 2
Date Published03/2015
PublisherCEUR Workshop Proceedings
Place PublishedVienna, Austria

Governmental and private funding for research in many fields has 
resulted in a significant body of scientific evidence. Scientific 
evidence or content is made available in the form of thousands of 
articles communicated via digital libraries. This evidence is 
principally used by researchers, students and on occasions for 
societal impact such as commercial exploitation and popular 
science communication. How can we gamify communicating a 
large amount of scientific evidence to the general public? This is 
the question that intrigues us. We present the game of Scientific 
Hangman, based on the traditional game of hangman, to 
communicate scientific research in a fun manner. The puzzles in 
our game are based on automatic summarization of scientific 
article abstracts. Players play the game in an attempt to guess a 
word given a clue such as a paper abstract. Our first prototype, 
was evaluated on a focus group at the Cancer Registry of Norway 
by communicating information from invitation letters in cervical 
cancer screening. We also evaluated a second prototype of the 
game to have feedback on design improvements resulted from the 
first prototype.

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