AuthorsX. Cai and M. Wen
TitleSimulating Basin Evolution on GPU-Enhanced Hybrid Supercomputers
Afilliation, , Scientific Computing
Project(s)Center for Biomedical Computing (SFF)
Publication TypePublic outreach
Year of Publication2012

According to the Top500 list that was published in November 2011, three of the world's five most powerful supercomputers are GPU-enhanced clusters of multicore CPUs. This hardware trend is expected to prevail for the foreseeable future. It is therefore our intention to report here some experiences of using one such cutting-edge GPU-CPU cluster, when applied to simulations of sediment deposition in connection with basin evolution. Our observations are twofold: (1) Simple numerical algorithms are to be favored on homogeneous clusters of CPUs, and even more so on hybrid CPU-GPU clusters. (2) It is possible but challenging to utilize the computing power of both the CPU and GPU sides on a hybrid cluster.

Citation KeySimula.simula.1446