AuthorsC. Boogerd and L. Moonen
EditorsR. Mathijssen
TitleUsing Software History to Guide Deployment of Coding Standards
AfilliationSoftware Engineering, Software Engineering
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2009
Book TitleTrader: Reliability of high-volume consumer products
PublisherEmbedded Systems Institute
Place PublishedEindhoven, the Netherlands
ISBN Number978-90-78679-04-2

In spite of the widespread use of coding standards and tools enforcing their rules, there is little empirical evidence supporting the intuition that they prevent the introduction of faults in software. Therefore, we propose to use information from software and issue archives to link standard violations to known bugs. In this chapter we introduce such an approach and apply it to three industrial case studies. Furthermore, we discuss how to use the historical data to address two practical issues in using a coding standard: which rules to adhere to, and how to rank violations of those rules.