New Editor-in-Chief for the Simula SpringerBriefs on Computing Book Series
Professor Joakim Sundnes

New Editor-in-Chief for the Simula SpringerBriefs on Computing Book Series


After seven years of leadership, Editor-in-Chief Professor Aslak Tveito will step down, while maintaining his position on the editorial board. Simula Chief Research Scientist and Professor Joakim Sundnes will take over as editor-in-chief starting January 1, 2023.

In 2016, Prof. Aslak Tveito, together with long-time collaborator and Executive Editor for Mathematics, Computational Science, and Engineering at Springer, Dr. Martin Peters created Simula SpringerBriefs on Computing (SSCB). The original inspiration for the series was to facilitate the transition of students and experienced researchers alike into new fields by providing compact introductions to advanced topics in computing. In around 100 pages, each volume of SSBC introduces and explains important concepts and theories in the field, and poses critical questions on the fundamentals of that field.

In recognition of the expansion of Simula’s focus on Computational Physiology, Prof. Tveito and Dr. Peters, together with Prof. Andrew McCulloch from University of California San Diego launched the SSCB subseries, Reports on Computational Physiology. Volumes in this series either follow the same format as the main series, or contain a collection of short reports on related physiological questions and the models developed to address them. The subseries also provides a format for the students from the Summer School in Computational Physiology to publish their project reports.

During his time as editor-in-chief, Prof. Tveito has overseen the publication of 12 volumes of SSBC, with 2 additional volumes forthcoming in early 2023. By the end of 2022, books in the series had collectively garnered well over a million downloads and more than 150 citations. Based on his long experience in publishing, Dr. Peters writes “The series is a resounding success. The credit for this success should go to Aslak. Nowadays, everyone talks about open access publishing. But at the time he came up with the concept for the series, open access in our fields was still new. It is always the mark of a pioneer to be ahead of his time.”

Editor-in-chief responsibilities will pass to Simula Chief Research Scientist and Professor Joakim Sundnes. Prof. Sundnes brings with him over 20 years of experience in computational physiology and strong background in scientific writing, reviewing, and editing. He has also served on the SSBC editorial board and has authored or contributed to 4 previous volumes in the series. Regarding his new position, Prof. Sundnes says, "I'm really looking forward to the opportunity to share Simula researchers' deep expertise in this unique format."

Suggestions for topics of future volumes of SSBC are most welcome and can be sent to the new editor-in-chief or other members of the editorial board.